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HERO Laser provides a new boost for the country to achieve the "double carbon" strategic goal

Date of publication : 2021/11/26     Views :

The completion of this project is of great significance for Hero Laser to promote its own energy saving and emission reduction and reduce production cost, and it also means that Hero Laser and Guangdong Jintai provide new assistance for the country to realize the strategic goal of "Double Carbon"


Hero Laser and Guangdong Jintai Power Group have already started the cooperation on power distribution engineering project in 2018, and both sides discussed about distributed photovoltaic power generation, which laid the foundation for further cooperation later. So as early as the beginning of the construction Jintai project team made full use of its technical advantages, taking into account how to save energy and reduce consumption and use energy efficiently, thanks to which the project was carried out to completion very smoothly. When the project was underway, it coincided with the full release of favorable national energy policies, and the local government and power supply units gave strong support in the construction of the project.


The Hero Laser distributed photovoltaic power generation project installed a total of 1376 photovoltaic modules, each with a power of 450W, with a total installed capacity of 619.2kWp.


According to the latest forecast by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IEA), the total global installed distributed PV capacity will double to about 300GW in 2020-2025, while China's distributed market capacity will reach 150GW, making it the world's number one.

Three advantages of distributed PV

Effective cost savings and improved economic efficiency for your business
As a high energy-consuming production enterprise, distributed photovoltaic power generation can effectively help enterprises save a lot of electricity expenses.

Promote energy saving and emission reduction with good social benefits

Distributed photovoltaic power generation can help high energy-consuming production enterprises to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction, only need to install a photovoltaic system on the roof of the plant, it can do no noise, no radiation, no emissions, no pollution and many other advantages, truly green energy saving, currently distributed photovoltaic power generation has become the optimal choice for many medium and large enterprises.

Heat and cold insulation for added environmental comfort

Most of the high energy-consuming productive enterprises need high cooling costs in the hot summer, and photovoltaic panels have the function of heat insulation, after laying photovoltaic modules on the roof, it can reduce the temperature of the factory, so that the workers in the factory can work more comfortably and the production equipment can run smoothly, which indirectly reduces the cooling costs of air conditioners, fans and ice for enterprises.


Development Vision

In the past 20 years, China's photovoltaic industry has grown rapidly, with China's photovoltaic manufacturing industry ranking first in the world, China's installed photovoltaic power generation capacity ranking first in the world, and China's photovoltaic power generation capacity ranking first in the world; in the context of the national "double carbon" target and the "14th Five-Year Plan", distributed photovoltaic is taking off in China. Under the background of the national "double carbon" target and the 14th Five-Year Plan, distributed photovoltaic has been a huge wave. The official grid connection of Hero laser distributed PV project means a step forward on the road of developing new energy, and many PV construction projects will be put on the agenda rapidly in the future to provide a new boost for the country to achieve the strategic goal of "double carbon".


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