Small Area High Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine
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Product introduction

Optical performance parameter
Laser source wavelength
Output power rate of the Laser source
Effective cutting area
Cutting thickness (depend on Laser source power)
 Carbon ≤8mm;Stainless Steel ≤4mm;
Aluminum Alloy ≤2mm; Copper ≤2mm;
Positioning accuracy
Repeated position accuracy
Max speed of X-axis
Max speed of Y-axis
Max speed of Z-axis
Synthesis speed
Max accelerated speed
Bearing weight
Electric demand
Total Power consumption
Machine weight
About 1200KG
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Products Description

Herolaser 1500 Watt High Precision Laser Cutting Machine Glasses Stainless Steel Metal Automatic Cutting Machine

Laser cutting uses a high-power density laser beam to quickly heat the material to vaporization temperature and evaporate to form a hole, move the beam to form a slit, so that realize the materials cutting .
based on this ,Herolaser small area high precision cutting machine also achieves high-precision cutting, no tool wear, low heat impact, fast speed, automatic positioning, automatic correction and other functions.

1.  High Precision laser cutting machine
Stable, mature technology, high cutting efficiency, small footprint, flexible application with full-time cutting, high utilization
of the materials, strong expandability , and very flexible

2.  High-precision host
Precision linear guide, high precision positioning, less wear; can keep high precision for a long time, easy and interchangeable

3.  Laser cutting head
The laser cutting head is equipped with a sensitive bus-type capacitor, which can be adjusted to the ideal focal length to ensure
the cutting efficiency and cutting effect

4.  Precise cutting
Realize the precise cutting and nearly without error and the cutting surface is smooth and flat
Sample Show
Applicable Industry

moble communications

new enengy lndustry


automoble making


medical equipent

Installation Instructions

Shenzhen Herolaser Equipment Co., Ltd was set up in 2004, is a national high-tech enterprise in China, engaged in the
research and development, production and marketing of laser equipment group of companies, has formed a complete series of
industrial laser equipment supply platform.

With a team of professional technical personnel,rich management experience, clear development direction to ensure our rapid growth
in the rapid development of the laser industry,we have established branches in Jiangsu, Zhejiang,Shandong, Chongqing and other
regions in China, and we have exported to 60 countries and have overseas agents in 10 countries. Our main products is Laser
Cleaning Machine / Laser Marking Machine / Laser Welding Machine / Laser Cutting Machine.

Products are widely used in electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision
equipment, jewelry, glasses and watches, integrated circuits, craft gifts, plastic molds, medical equipment and other industries.
Packaging & Shipment
Our Services

---Pre-Sales Service

① Free pre-sales 7*24 hours rapid response services / cousulting ② Free sample testing / inspection ③ Free design of fixtures as customers / distributor required ④ Strict quality control for our products ⑤ Quick delivery time

---After-sales Services
① 2 year guarantee for laser source(people damaged are charged) ② Full technical support / by e-mail, call and video ③ Spare parts supply. ④ Free online training installation and operation ⑤ 12 hours quick feedback & after-sales services ⑥ ODM/OEM service


1. What model does Herolaser produce?
Production of Laser Welding series, Laser Cleaning series, Laser Cutting series and Laser New energy automation, etc.

2. What are the payment methods of Herolaser Company?
T/T, LC, CAD, OA, Trade Insurance, Alibabapay

3. Does Herolaser accept Acceptance?
Yes, we accept bank acceptances within 6 months, not commercial acceptances.

4. Can I visit the factory?
Available to have a visit to our factory at any time.

5. What can I get with the purchase of equipment?
Each machine has a set of standard accessories.

6. Can I go to the factory to test the machine before shipment?
Of course you can.

7.How is the delivery and shipment?
Ship in 7 days after 100% payment; Packaged with Plywood box.

8. How about your pre-sales service?
Provide quick response and free consulting services within 8 hours.

9.How will you guarantee after-sales services?
We offer two years warranty for laser source, one year for the machine.

10.How will you guarantee after-sales services?
We offer two years warranty for laser source, one year for the machine.

National Sales Hotline

Purchase consultation: manager Liu 138-2330-6986